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Bombay High Court shelves BMC notifications to Kangana Ranaut and asks him to restrict comments


On Friday, the Bombay High Court overturned the demolition notice sent to actor Kangana Ranaut by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation dated September 7-9, marking a victory for Ranaut. The superior court said the demolition action at his office was malicious, and approved an order for an appraiser to be appointed to determine the damage caused in the demolition. However, the court has also asked the actor to exercise restraint.

The BMC had alleged Ranaut of unauthorized construction in his office, part of which was razed. The higher court said it has compared the photographers and found no unauthorized construction.

The court also commented on Kangana’s allegations that the action (partial demolition of his office) was a reaction to his views expressed on social media. “The notice issued by the BMC officer, and stick it on your bungalow, the response to the notice, the order to demolish the property, the arrangements made for the demolition, the commencement of the demolition, the attempt to delay the hearing, ensure 40% of the demolition, the demolition of the bungalow.Raut statement that bungalow ukhaad Diya … supports the petitioner’s case that the demolition was a reaction to that, ”he said.

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