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86% of Indian travelers should take more precautions related to health and safety: study | India News


PUNE: As travelers begin to rediscover the world again, it is not surprising that 86% of Indian travelers plan to take more precautions related to health and safety when traveling in the future and 71% of Indians choose Avoid certain destinations entirely due to safety concerns according to a report from Booking.com.
According to the report, compared to the global trend of travel to avoid destinations due to safety concerns, India ranked second globally, after Thailand.
“With a change in destination preferences, transportation preferences have also changed. 68% of Indians are likely to miss public transportation to avoid traveling with large numbers of people due to fear of contracting Covid-19. This it is higher than the global average of 46%. Instead, travelers will choose to rent or drive their own car to and around their destination, making 2021 the year of the road trip, “the report said.
He said the ‘new normal’ will also make travelers prioritize and adhere to greater health and safety measures, as 78% of Indians are happy to travel to destinations where medical checks on arrival are standard and 81 % of Indians do not mind traveling to a destination where it is mandatory to wear a mask in public. “Unsurprisingly, travelers will seek peace of mind in the travel industry as 75% of Indians expect travel providers to clearly describe the security precautions they are taking and 48% agree that it is now a clear display of cleaning and hygiene policies is essential, “the report said.

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