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The situation in Delhi is “alarming”, says HC, postponing the reservation of beds.


Calling the rise in Covid-19 cases in the capital as “alarming,” the Delhi high court said Thursday that it would hear, on December 9, a statement from the Health Providers Association challenging the state government’s decision. to reserve 80% of ICU beds in 33 private hospitals for patients with Covid-19.

As of Thursday, Delhi had reported 551,262 cases and 8,811 deaths. Currently, there are 38,734 active cases.

Judge Navin Chawla said: “The numbers are currently in an alarming state. The matter should be heard after two weeks analyzing the current situation. “

Through an order on September 12, the Delhi government had asked 33 private hospitals in the city to reserve 80% of ICU beds for Covid-19 patients. This order was suspended by the superior court on September 22 at the request of the Association of Health Providers.

Subsequently, on October 9, a division court of the court accepted an appeal from the Delhi government, refusing to overturn the suspension while postponing the matter to November 27. The AAP government addressed the Supreme Court against these two orders of September 22 and October. 9. The supreme court refused to interfere with the HC order, suspending the government’s instruction from the AAP to private hospitals.

On November 12, a division court of justice Hima Kohli and Judge Subramonium Prasad lifted the suspension considering the increase in the number of cases in the city. The court had also released the matter for an additional hearing before a single court on November 26.

Appearing in Delhi on Thursday, Additional Attorney General Sanjay Jain said the situation was being periodically reviewed and review meetings were taking place under the chairmanship of the Union Minister of the Interior.

In a status report presented through attorney Sanjoy Ghose, additional permanent attorney for the Delhi government, a meeting was held on November 17 under the chairmanship of the special secretary for Health.

“There has been an increase of more than 200% and consequently there is a shortage of Covid ICU beds for clinically severe patients and normal Covid beds for clinically moderate to mild patients, respectively,” the minutes of the meeting read.

The court will now hear the matter on December 9.

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