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State Hospitals to Offer Free Gender Reassignment Surgeries Under Proposed Transgender Scheme | India News


NEW DELHI: A comprehensive transgender plan that is being framed by the Center proposes that at least one government hospital in each state be equipped to offer free gender reassignment surgery and counseling.
This is seen as an important step in addressing some critical health-related community concerns.
The ministry of social justice and empowerment will also work with states to allow room segregation for transgender people in government hospitals, but the installation of gender surgeries can be a significant benefit as such procedures are costly. A portal that has been created will also allow transgender people to seek certification without having to visit an office, something that in itself can be an impediment.
The broad outlines of the plan that is still “in process” to comply with the provisions of the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act 2019 were shared, the portal was created and the minister of social justice Thaawarchand Gehlot inaugurated the first house of reception. for transgender people in Vadodara. Until March 31, 2021, twelve more intermediate homes will be installed in different cities. The houses will be useful not only for people seeking refuge, but will also be accessible on the lines of the shelters for people who need it.
It is likely that sometime in the new year a national helpline will be launched by experts to provide legal, health and psychosocial advice.
The new law makes it broadly clear that “the appropriate government will provide health care facilities, including sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy, and will publish a health manual related to sex reassignment surgery in accordance with the guidelines of the World Association of Professionals for Transgender Health “. The law also talks about making provisions for the coverage of medical expenses through a comprehensive insurance plan for sex reassignment surgery, hormone therapy, laser therapy or any other health problem of transgender people.
Once the plan is finalized, MSJE officials plan to work with the health ministry and state health departments to identify government hospitals where free gender-affirming surgery and counseling can be provided.
Under the transgender plan, inclusive education and scholarships for transgender students will also be an area of ​​focus. It will also outline the contours to make way for affordable housing and nursing and retirement homes for TG people facing housing exclusion. The plan will also focus on the inclusion of transgender people in employment guarantee schemes such as the MNREGA and on the formation of self-help groups for subsistence activities.

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