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Preparations for the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine to include the management of side effects – health


States have been asked to begin making arrangements to address any coronavirus disease (Covid-19) vaccine-related side effects as one of the measures for the safe delivery of the vaccine to the masses.

In a letter written to the states, the central government directed them to prepare to deal with any side effects related to the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine during the planned mass immunization program next year.

The letter dated November 18 from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Union, seen by HT, says: “… measures must be taken to strengthen the surveillance of Adverse Events after Immunization (AEFI) after Covid vaccines -19 to maintain confidence in vaccine safety. MoHF has identified initiatives that are essential to further strengthen India’s existing AEFI Surveillance System to enable full and timely AEFI reporting for Covid-19 vaccination … “

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The letter has been sent by Manohar Agnani, additional secretary of the Ministry of Health.

“We also have to study the possibility of dealing with side effects related to the vaccine; since people tend to develop a reaction even to drugs that are used for a long time. Even after 20 years or so, side effects of certain drugs are seen, which may also be possible with Covid-19 vaccines, ”Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Tuesday during an interaction with the heads of all states and territories. of the Union.

The center has directed states to strengthen their vaccine steering committees and other subcommittees to spearhead vaccine delivery to the last mile. Medical experts along with pediatricians will be part of the team that will administer vaccines to manage side effects efficiently and without wasting time.

To supervise the administration of the vaccine in high-risk groups with chronic diseases, the committees should include doctors from different specialists such as cardiology, neurology, pulmonology, etc.

Other measures being taken to ensure the successful delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine in the last mile include the development of a list of population groups that will receive the vaccine with priority in the first phase, the establishment of chain facilities of cold suitable for the storage of vaccines, the acquisition of consumables such as syringes. etc., and to train vaccinators who will administer the vaccine, etc.

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