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One nation, one election is not a matter of debate but a necessity for India: Modi | India News


KEVADIA: Renewing his ‘one nation, one choice’ speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Thursday that it was not a matter of debate but a necessity for the country as he sought support for the idea of ​​pounding the Lok Sabha and the elections of the assembly to save resources and time.
“One nation, one election is not just a matter of debate, but a necessity for India. There are elections in India every month, which hampers development, ”the prime minister said while addressing the closing session of the All India Board Conference. “Why should the country spend so much money?” I ask.
Modi urged the presidents of the different legislatures to take the initiative in this direction, as he said that the idea of ​​”one nation, one election” must be intensely compromised. “Everyone should reflect on the idea that there should be a voter list and find a way out,” he added.
He said there was a uniform voting age, which is 18, so there was no point wasting time. “Presidents must take the initiative towards full digitization and legislators, I am sure, will adapt to it,” he added.
As the event coincided with Constitution Day, the Prime Minister said it was a day to remember Gandhiji’s inspiration and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s commitment to the Constitution. Referring to the Emergency, Modi said that in the 1970s an attack was made against the dignity of the separation of powers, but the response to it was facilitated by provisions of the Constitution itself.
After the Emergency, the system of checks and balances continued to strengthen as the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary learned from the episode. “This was made possible by the confidence that the Indians have 130 million rupees in the three branches of government and this confidence has been strengthened over time,” said the prime minister.
The Constitution Day celebrations began in 2015 after Modi took office as prime minister. On Thursday, President Ram Nath Kovind administered the oath of the Constitution, which was taken by the presidents in Kevadia.
“The strength of our Constitution helps us in times of difficulty. The resistance of the Indian electoral system and the reaction to the corona pandemic has shown it, ”Modi said, praising lawmakers for giving more results in recent times and accepting a pay cut for helping in the fight against Covid-19.
The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of duties and said that duties should be treated as a source of rights, dignity and self-confidence. “Our Constitution has many characteristics, but a very special characteristic is the importance that is given to duties. Mahatma Gandhi he was very interested in this. He saw a close link between rights and duties. He felt that once we fulfill our duties, the rights will be automatically safeguarded, ”he added.

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