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Nivar weakens in a severe cyclonic storm and crosses the coast near Puducherry


The very severe cyclonic storm, Nivar, has weakened into a severe cyclonic storm and has crossed the coast near Puducherry, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said early Thursday.

“The very severe cyclonic storm #Nivar weakens and becomes a severe cyclonic storm. The center of #NivarCyclone is above ground. I crossed the coast near Puducherry from 11:30 pm on November 25 to 2:30 am on November 26, ”IMD said in a tweet.

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Earlier on Wednesday, Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu faced strong winds as Cyclone Nivar’s landfall process continued. Puducherry also received strong winds and heavy rain.

According to officials, more than one lakh of people have been evacuated through Tamil Nadu and more than 1,000 people have moved to safer places in Puducherry.

On Wednesday, the Indian Navy put ships, planes, helicopters, diving and disaster relief teams on standby. An Indian Coast Guard ship has also been deployed off the Chennai coast with disaster relief items.

The Indian army has also deployed eight rescue teams in the “Dakhshin Bharat area”, following the search by the civil authorities of Puducherry to carry out rescue operations.

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