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Jadavpur University professors’ association expresses concern over student union ‘insult’ – kolkata


With Subir Mukhopadhyay, the acting dean of the science faculty at Jadavpur University, who has yet to respond to the institute’s request to retract his resignation, following an alleged humiliation by a student union, the teachers have expressed concern about the insults inflicted on them.

The Jadavpur University Teachers Association (JUTA) has noted with dismay that a section of students has this tendency to “harass, humiliate and insult faculty members in academic matters,” said its general secretary Parthapratim Roy in a release.

This type of behavior has already forced two officiating deans of the science faculty to submit their resignations in recent months, he said.

“In both cases, the unwarranted meddling of students and their insistence that their demands be met, regardless of the academic merit of their demands, and the language that student leaders have used is nothing short of shocking,” the teachers association in said the first institute of higher education.

Any difficulties or problems faced by the university community can only be resolved through democratic dialogue between all stakeholders, including students, faculty, administration and other employees, the statement read.

Stating that student behavior was totally unacceptable to JUTA, the association said: “We will not hesitate to take strict measures to protect the honor and dignity of teachers.” In his resignation letter to Vice Chancellor Suranjan Das on November 23, Mukhopadhyay alleged that he was humiliated by members of a student union three times during admissions committee meetings this month.

“I hereby resign as Dean (Interim), Council of Faculty of Science, Jadavpur University and will not participate in any meeting as Dean (Interim), Council of Faculty of Science, JU. I ask that you accept my resignation with immediate effect and do so, ”Mukhopadhyay said in his letter.

University authorities have asked the disgruntled professor to reconsider his decision.

The problems started after faculty members disagreed with a left-wing student union on the nitty-gritty of admission, leading to heated exchanges between the two sides.

However, a spokesperson for the student union denied that the professor was insulted by the matter and stated that his views on the admission procedure should be accommodated by being one of the stakeholders.

He said the union hopes Mukhopadhyay will withdraw his resignation and offered to speak with the teacher.

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