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India Tackles Terrorism With New Policies And Processes: Prime Minister Narendra Modi


India is tackling terror attacks with new policies and processes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized on Thursday, the anniversary of the Mumbai terror attack in 2008 that left 174 people dead, in an indirect reference to the 2016 surgical attack and airstrikes from 2019 in Pakistan. that demonstrated India’s hardened military posture to the world.

The Prime Minister called Pakistan the perpetrator of the Mumbai terror attack and stressed that the attack will never be forgotten.

Addressing the conference of presidents virtually on Constitution Day, the Prime Minister said: “This date is also associated with the largest terrorist attack in our country. In 2008, terrorists sent by Pakistan launched an attack on Mumbai that left many Indians and foreigners dead. I pay tribute to all of them ”.

“Today’s India is fighting terrorist attacks with new policies and processes,” Modi said.

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India’s hardened stance towards fighting terrorism has been a key feature of the Modi government’s security policy and the current administration’s leadership has often tried to highlight the difference between the era of the United Progressive Alliance and the National Democratic Alliance regime’s approach to terrorism.

In 2016, the Modi government sent forces across the border for a surgical strike on Pakistani soil after the terrorist attack in Uri. While Congress and various military experts claimed such attacks were carried out earlier as well, the September 2016 surgical strike was different as political leaders took ownership of the action and announced India’s forceful military response to the world. The operation was in retaliation against an attack on an Indian army camp in Uri, Kashmir, the same month that 19 soldiers were killed. The suicide bombers came from Pakistan.

Three years later, the decision to carry out air strikes was made within 24 hours after the Pulwama attack, and the government gave the Indian Air Force two weeks to select terrorist targets and launch air strikes against them. .

The government’s new security policy has also been a talking point for the BJP in polls.

The Prime Minister also paid tribute to the police personnel who died in the Mumbai terrorist attack and to all the security forces who died fighting terrorists.

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