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Daily infections remain constant, active cases are on the rise | India News


Daily Covid-19 cases in the country held steady below the 45,000 mark for one more day, even as the upward trend in active cases continued on Thursday. There was still little sign of the dreaded second wave of the pandemic, as cases across the country totaled 43,279 on Thursday, a slight drop from Wednesday’s count of 44,739, according to data compiled by TOI from state governments. Daily cases have remained below 45,000 this week, with no visible increase so far compared to last week’s figures. With Thursday’s addition, the number of Covid-19 cases in the country has surpassed 93 lakh.
The death toll also dropped marginally to 485, from 531 reported the day before, and Delhi continued to record the highest death toll at 91.
However, active cases continued to register a modest increase. The count jumped just over 3,000 on Thursday, following an increase of nearly 7,000 the day before. Active cases have now increased every day since last Saturday (except Monday), although the total increase so far has been just over 15,000.
For the first time in more than a month, Maharashtra recorded the highest count of new cases with 6,406. The last time the state reported the highest daily case count was Oct. 22. Delhi had the second highest number of 5,475, followed by Kerala (5,378) and Bengal (3,507). This was also the largest single-day addition of cases in Maharashtra since October 28, another indicator of a modest resurgence of the pandemic in the state.
Gujarat reported 1,560 new infections, the highest daily count in the state so far. The virus also appeared to be on the rise in Punjab, where 845 new cases reported on Thursday were the highest since October 10. Recent cases were near their highest levels in Rajasthan (3,180), Madhya Pradesh (1,668), and Himachal Pradesh (931). while numbers appeared to be declining in Haryana, Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.
Every 60 minutes in the last 24 hours, Gujarat added 65 positive cases of Covid-19, bringing the count to a record 1,560. The state has posted three highest daily counts since Nov.21. The state also recorded the death of 16 positive patients in 24 hours, bringing the number to 3,922. Of the total, 12 were registered in the city of Ahmedabad alone. Surat recorded three deaths and Vadodara one.
Andhra Pradesh recorded 1,031 new positive cases of Covid-19, bringing the overall count to 8,65,705 and eight new deaths. The lowest one-day peak of 21 infections was recorded in Kurnool district, even as the total number increased to 6,970.

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