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83-year-old priest Stan Swamy waits longer to sip and straw | India News


MUMBAI: In a request for bail, Father Stan Swamy, an 83-year-old Jesuit priest and tribal rights activist, arrested in the Elgar Parishad case, told the NIA special court to work for sub-tests that could or not having been a Maoist does not make you a Maoist.
The statement said that the Solidarity Committee of Persecuted Political Prisoners, which according to the NIA was a front organization of the CPI (Maoist), was one of the most prominent human rights organizations in Jharkhand providing legal assistance. “Nowhere has it been said that providing legal aid to Maoists is a crime. Nowhere does the constitution state that a suspected Maoist should not be allowed the opportunity to defend himself, ”the statement said.
The court has sought answers on the bond statement and one made by Swamy’s attorney. After the NIA informed the court during the hearing that a straw and straw were not part of the items seized during Swamy’s arrest, the defense filed a new request for winter clothing and a straw and straw for him. octogenarian suffering from Parkinson’s disease. He said his hands were shaking due to the illness.
Swamy’s bail statement, filed by lawyer Sharif Shaikh, said that by arresting him, the prosecution was trying to criminalize rights organizations and activists. He further said that the prosecution could not establish that Swamy was involved in terrorist activities. He also said that he was being attacked for his writing. He denied the allegations made in the recently filed charge sheet.
Citing his age and various ailments, the statement said he was in the prison hospital where he was treated by other inmates.

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