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Panel Wants Government to Take Over ESI Hospitals | India News


NEW DELHI: On Tuesday, the permanent parliamentary commission on labor asked the government to consider a “policy change” whereby the Union government and the State Employees Insurance Corporation (ESIC) could take control of hospitals largest state ESIs to ensure better provision of services to policyholders.
The committee, which was examining the operation of ESIC hospitals, said that while state governments, during the first and second periods of the Five-Year Plan in the 1950s and 1960s, had invested heavily in the health and education sectors, the government of the Union, in the following years, increased investment in social services sectors. Emphasizing that the policy changes should reflect this, committee members said this was important because many states were not providing facilities to workers as prescribed in the ESIC guidelines.
ESI has a network of 159 hospitals, 49 run by ESIC and 110 run by state governments. In addition, there is a network of 47 dispensaries managed by ESIC and 1,453 state ESI dispensaries.

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