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One Day Rise of 44,376 Covid-19 Brings India’s Infection Count to Over 9.22 Million


India saw a further increase of 44,376 cases of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in the past 24 hours, bringing the country’s infection count to more than 9.22 million, figures on family health and well-being showed. from the Union ministry on Wednesday morning.

Of the 9,222,216 confirmed cases in the country, 444,746 are active, 134,699 have died from the disease and 8,642,771 have recovered in hospitals designated by Covid-19 or in home isolation. The increase in the number of daily cases may prove to be a cause for concern, as after falling below 39,000 for three days last week, cases once again surpassed 40,000 a day and have been on the rise ever since.

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However, the recovery rate of 93.72% continues to bring comfort. This comes at a time when three manufacturers have claimed to be successful in mass testing their candidate vaccines, raising hope that the world is closer to finding protection against Covid-19. In a meeting with top ministers from the Union’s states and territories with the highest number of cases, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that his government’s priority would be to ensure that a vaccine reaches everyone after it meets the criteria. scientists.

At the virtual meeting, the Prime Minister asked the senior ministers to start preparing the cold storage facilities for the coronavirus disease vaccine. Modi also told heads of state to ensure that the death rate from Covid-19 remains below 1% and that new cases should not exceed 5% of the existing level. He asked them to write strategies regarding disease control and vaccine distribution and share them with him as soon as possible.

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Russia said Tuesday that its Sputnik V vaccine candidate was 95% effective and would be cheaper and easier to store than some alternatives. The vaccine will cost less than $ 10 per dose and will be available in international markets starting in February 2021, said its developer Gamaleya Center and the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

The global case burden has surpassed 59,759,535 and the United States continues to report the peak number of Covid-19 cases at 12,589,229. The coronavirus disease has claimed 1,407,873 lives worldwide.

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