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‘Items difficult to supply’: Jaish # 2 tells terrorists in Kashmir


Mufti Rauf Asghar, Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) operational commander, who had coordinated the infiltration of four heavily armed agents into India this month to wreak havoc, has told Jaish terrorists in Kashmir that it was becoming difficult to provide them with the required “Articles”, a reference to explosives and weapons. Mufti Rauf Asghar sent the message to Jaish agents in Kashmir shortly after the shooting at the Ban toll plaza in Jammu’s Nagrota that led to the elimination of four Pakistani terrorists within hours of crossing the border, people familiar with the said. The issue.

Mufti Asghar is the younger brother of JeM chief and UN-designated global terrorist Masood Azhar, who is reported to have been under treatment for a life-threatening spinal disease. Asghar is considered the de facto head of the terror group in the absence of his older brother and had overseen the infiltration of the four Bahawalpur terrorists into the Punjab province of Pakistan.

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The November 19 encounter was a major setback for the terror group, given how much Asghar had invested in their training and infiltration. Border Security Force officials who saw the 200-meter tunnel dug under the border fence said that the engineering detail that had gone into digging the tunnel in the Shakargarh area of ​​Pakistan came as a surprise. They were also well armed.11 AK-47 rifles, 3 pistols, 29 hand grenades and 6 grenades were seized to fire from an under-barrel grenade launcher.

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According to intelligence reports, the infiltration of the four terrorists was part of an effort by Pakistan-based terror groups to prepare for a major campaign in Jammu and Kashmir. They have become especially active after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Reports say that the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terror group is also mobilizing cadres from its Chelabandi camp in Muzaffarabad to new locations in the Neelum Valley through the Line of Control (LoC) between India and Pakistan. And the Hizbul mujahideen trained nearly 400 cadres at a newly built facility in the Oghi forest area in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK).

The Jaish, intelligence reports indicate, is not the only one feeling the heat. According to one of the contributions, the Al Badr group is exploring ways to infiltrate India from Bangladesh after security forces reinforced the security network throughout the LoC in Kashmir.

Indian intelligence officials suspect that the attempt to carry out terrorist attacks on high-value targets could be a diversionary tactic by the Pakistani army and ISI chiefs, under pressure from opposition parties in the country, to return to focus attention on Kashmir.

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