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Haryana Seals Borders With Punjab, Deploys Police To Thwart “Delhi Chalo” Farmers’ March | India News


CHANDIGARH: One day before the farmers’ scheduled protest march to Delhi against the Center’s agricultural laws, Haryana on Wednesday it tightly closed its borders with Punjab and suspended its bus service to the neighboring state in an attempt to thwart the march.
the Haryana The police also used water cannons against state farmers on the national highway in Ambala and Kurukshetra to prevent them from moving to Delhi.
The BJP ruled Haryana It also suspended its shuttle bus service to Punjab with immediate effect on Wednesday due to the farmers’ call “Delhi Chalo”.
“We have suspended road service to Punjab for the next two days,” Haryana Transport Minister Mool Chand Sharma told PTI.
The Chandigarh transport company also, meanwhile, on Wednesday evening, suspended its bus services to Haryana over the next two days amid the farmers’ call “Delhi Chalo”, officials said.
Facing the cold and rainy weather, thousands of farmers gathered during the day along with their tractor cars on the Punjab side of the interstate border to march towards Delhi, but had to stay in Punjab amid heavy police deployment in border. .
Haryana It will completely seal its borders with Punjab on November 26 and 27, the day for which the bodies of farmers have called Delhi Chalo.
Haryana Police officials said that amid the COVID-19 restrictions, they cannot allow the movement of large numbers of people into the national capital.
the Haryana The authorities have also imposed prohibition orders under section 144 of the CrPC in various parts of the state to prevent the gathering of protesters.
Meanwhile, on Wednesday evening, a large group of farmers gathered on GT Road near the village of Mohra in Ambala during the day under the leadership of Haryana BKU chief Gurnam Singh allegedly jumped over the barricade, after which the police resorted to using water cannons against them.
Despite this, a dissident group managed to advance to the village of Tiyora-Tiyori on the Ambala-Kurukshetra border, where the police again used the water cannon against them to stop their march towards Delhi.
Amid farmers blocking several stretches of roads, vehicle traffic was also severely disrupted for several hours on the national highway.
Some army vehicles also remained stranded in Kurukshetra district for some time due to the unrest, authorities said.
Gurnam Singh later told reporters: “Even if the police use lathis and force, nothing can stop the farmers. We will continue our march towards Delhi. We will force the Center to roll back these black laws against farmers ”.
The farmers were seen loading food and clothing and had stored other essential items in their tractor trucks and planned to spend the night in their vehicles or in temporary shelters they had set up along the road.
Karnal Police Superintendent Ganga Ram Punia told reporters that enough police force has been deployed to maintain law and order due to the farmers’ protest march.
Videography and photography were taking place at interstate borders and other sensitive points along the Haryana police.
the Haryana The police have deployed sufficient numbers of security personnel on the roads bordering Punjab to prevent farmers from moving to Delhi.
the Haryana Police placed multi-layered barricades and rocks on Punjab roads to control farmers’ entry into the state, authorities said, adding that traffic would also be diverted.
Police also monitored farmer groups with drones on them at interstate borders.
A Punjab police officer on duty at the Khanauri interstate border told reporters that the Haryana The police used cranes to place rocks on the roads and stopped the movement of traffic to the other side.
“We are now diverting traffic to alternative routes. We are also ensuring that the movement of essential goods is not affected,” he said.
A truck driver carrying some essentials from Jalandhar to Mumbai said he got stuck as vehicles were moving towards Haryana he has been detained near the interstate border in Fatehabad.
Earlier on Tuesday, the Public Ministry issued a detailed notice Haryana the police urge travelers to modify their travel plans due to the farmers’ protest march.
Claiming that Punjab farmers will not be able to enter the state, the Haryana Police said they have deployed water cannons and riot control vehicles at the borders.
Restrictions have also been imposed at other interstate border points with Punjab, including those in the districts of Ambala, Sirsa, Kurukshetra, Fatehabad and Jind.
Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar had said Tuesday that the state borders with Punjab would remain sealed on November 26 and 27.
Tuesday, the Haryana The police had placed many peasant leaders in preventive custody, a measure that provoked a strong reaction from the opposition Congress and peasant organizations.
Haryana Congress Speaker Kumari Selja said Wednesday that Congress stands shoulder to shoulder with farms in their fight against farm laws.
He claimed that the BJP-led government was trying to silence the voice of farmers and prevent them from registering their protest against the central “anti-farmers” laws.

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