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Government Launches ‘Covid Suraksha Mission’ to Help Accelerate Vaccine Candidates | India News


NEW DELHI: The government has launched the ‘Covid Suraksha Mission’ to help accelerate the development of approximately 5-6 candidate vaccines and ensure they are closer to licensing and market introduction, the Department of Biotechnology said Wednesday.
The mission envisions the development of the Covid-19 vaccine with an end-to-end approach from preclinical development to clinical development to facilitation of manufacturing and regulation, the DBT said.
Earlier this month, the government had announced a package of Rs 900 crore for vaccines.
“The Government of India (GOI) announced the third Rs 900 million stimulus package for the Covid Suraksha Mission, the Covid-19 Vaccine Development Mission of India. This grant will be awarded to the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) for India Research and Development Vaccines for COVID-19.
“This will help accelerate the development of approximately five to six candidate vaccines and ensure they are closer to licensing and market introduction for regulatory authorities to consider for introduction into public health systems to combat a further spread of Covid infection, “said the DBT. .
Previously, DBT had announced programs for the development of vaccines and other Covid-related solutions, but this mission will be devoted exclusively to vaccine development, a DBT official said.
So far, the DBT has supported a total of 10 candidate vaccines in both academia and industry. As to date, five vaccine candidates are in human trials, including the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine, and at least three more in advanced preclinical stages to enter human trials shortly.
The fund’s important goals will be to accelerate pre-clinical and clinical development, licensing of Covid-19 vaccine candidates that are currently in clinical stages or ready to enter the clinical stage of development.
Its aim is also to establish clinical trial sites and strengthen existing immunoassay laboratories, central laboratories and adequate facilities for animal studies, production facilities and other testing facilities to support the development of the Covid-19 vaccine, said the DBT.
“The other important objective will be to support the development of harmonized common protocols, training, data management systems, regulatory filings, internal and external quality management systems and accreditations,” he added.
Capabilities for process development, cell line development and batch manufacturing of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for animal toxicology studies and clinical trials will also be supported by the mission.
A key element will be the development of a suitable target product profile so that the vaccines being introduced through the mission have preferred characteristics applicable to India.

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