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Cyclone Nivar makes landfall, likely impact until afternoon in TN | India News


CHENNAI: Cyclonic storm Nivar started making landfall 30 km north of Puducherry and 115 km south of Chennai around 11.15pm on Wednesday. The core of the storm that struck near Marakkanam is expected to take three hours to cross.
Heavy rains and winds of 120 to 130 km / h, with gusts of 145 km / h, hit the coastal areas of Puducherry and Cuddalore. Chennai also saw episodes of heavy rain and wind.
Forecasters say the effects of the storm, with heavy rain and strong winds, will be felt until at least Thursday afternoon. The rainy episodes could continue until Friday.
Almost 1.38 lakh people, including 28,161 children, were evacuated to 1,694 aid centers in Tamil Nadu from low-lying areas and unsafe buildings. “Arrangements have been made to house 13 lakh people in 4,733 aid centers,” said Disaster and Revenue Management Minister RB Udhayakumar.
There are six NDRF teams on standby. “Eight Indian Army teams with two rescue boats arrive in Chennai today. Six more teams with a boat will be sent to Trichy, ”Udhayakumar said. The Army has sent eight 10-member teams and two boats to Chennai, and six teams and a rescue boat to Trichy. Various teams from the Indian Navy and Coast Guard have also been deployed across the state.

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