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Coast Guard intercepts Sri Lankan ship and seizes more than 100kg of Pak drugs


The Indian Coast Guard has seized drugs, including 100 kg of heroin, from a Sri Lankan ship south of Thoothukudi during an operation, which began on November 17, based on “actionable intelligence after prolonged and sustained efforts.” officials familiar with the development said on Wednesday.

The aforementioned officials said the drugs were transferred to the Sri Lankan ship on the high seas by a Pakistani dhow from Karachi. From Sri Lanka, the drugs were intended to be shipped to Western countries and Australia. “Pakistan not only exports jihad but also drugs, which are used to finance terrorism,” added one of the officials.

“During the search by ICG Ship, they found after 99 packages of heroin (100 kg), 20 small boxes of synthetic drugs, five 9mm pistols but without ammunition and a set of Thuraya,” said another official, familiar with the development, adding that all of these were found inside an empty fuel tank.

Six members of the crew, including the captain, of the intercepted ship heading to the port of Thoothukudi, formerly known as Tuticorin, are being questioned. “During the interrogation, he also received a message from the Sri Lankan navy,” said an official.

The ship is allegedly owned by Alensu Kuttige Sinha Deeptha Sani Fernando from Negombo, a city on the west coast of Sri Lanka.

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