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Bombay HC annuls the woman’s FIR against the medical husband for the duty of Covid-19


On Wednesday, the Mumbai High Court struck down a FIR filed by a woman against her doctor husband, after she told the court that the move was the result of stress due to Covid-19’s long hours of service.

The woman, a professor of microbiology, informed judges SS Shinde and MS Karnik that she had been married for 20 years and that job stress during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic had affected her marital life. The FIR was brought on charges including domestic violence in March, when the couple had been working for 18 hours a day, he said.

Although the court wanted to interview the husband, the woman, a Pune resident, said her husband was on duty at a government-run hospital.

“In March and April, when coronavirus-related work had increased in hospitals, there was too much stress. We worked 18 hours every day and this generated many misunderstandings, ”the woman informed the court.

However, after receiving counseling, the couple with two children decided to continue living together, he told the bank during a virtual hearing. Canceling the FIR, the bank said it was “very happy” to note that the couple had decided to resolve their differences and live together.

The court also said it had “great respect” for the doctors who work around the country around the clock to combat the pandemic, at the cost of their personal and family lives.

“We have great respect for the doctors and the work they have done in those moments,” the bank said.

The court decided to annul the case, even when one of the lawyers intervened. To this, the court said that it had listened to its client serially and did not want to hear the case anymore.

“Haven’t you heard, jab miyan biwi raazi …” said the bank to the lawyer in a lighter vein.

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