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States were asked to prepare for post-inoculation checks | India News


NEW DELHI: In an effort to boost readiness for the Covid-19 vaccine delivery, the Health Ministry has asked states and UT to strengthen surveillance for adverse events after immunization against Covid-19 to ensure that people’s confidence in the safety of the vaccine is maintained.
“You may know that preparations are underway to carry out Covid-19 vaccines in states and districts, starting with certain priority groups,” the Health Ministry said in a letter, stressing that steps should be taken to strengthen the Adverse Events After Immunization Surveillance (AEFI) After Covid-19 Vaccines to “Maintain Confidence in Vaccine Safety”.
It has identified initiatives that are essential to further strengthen the existing AEFI surveillance system. The Center has asked states and districts to ensure adequate stocks of adrenaline injection for use in anaphylaxis kits, emergency kits used when people suffer severe allergic reactions in response to any medication or food.
“The Covid-19 vaccines will be administered to adults, many of whom may have comorbidities. Events due to pre-existing comorbidities (such as strokes, heart attacks, etc.) can be reported as AEFI after Covid-19 vaccines, ”said the letter suggesting that the membership of state AEFI committees should be revised to include neurologists, cardiologists and respiratory medicine specialists who can recognize such events and differentiate them from vaccine or vaccine-related events.

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