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Prefix a ‘0’ to call mobiles from landlines as of January 1 | India News


NEW DELHI: As of January 1, you must enter the prefix “0” before dialing any mobile phone number from your landline. In order to open new series of numbers for mobile callers, the telecommunications department approved the proposal, accepting the recommendation of the sector regulator Trai to have the prefix ‘0’ for calls to mobiles when the call is from a landline.
The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in a circular on ‘modification of the dialing pattern from landline numbers to cellular mobile numbers’ said that to ensure adequate numbering resources for landline and mobile services, the recommendations of Trai from May 29 this year.
“The following can be implemented … Calls from landline to mobile will be dialed with the prefix ‘0’. A suitable announcement can be placed on landline switches to inform landline subscribers of the requirement to dial the prefix ‘0’ for all landline-to-mobile calls, ”said DoT in a circular dated November 20. .
This ad should be played every time a subscriber dials a call from landline to mobile without prefixing ‘0’, he said. “All landline subscribers must have the ‘0’ dialing feature, that is, the STD dialing feature,” said the circular on the DoT website.
DoT said there is until January 1 for all telecom service providers to implement this new system. It is pertinent to mention here that in May of this year, Trai recommended dialing the prefix ‘0’ for a call from a landline number to a mobile number.
However, the regulator had stated that introducing a dialing prefix for a particular type of call is not equivalent to increasing the number of digits in the phone number.

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