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PM Modi has indicated that the Covid vaccine will likely be ready soon: Yediyurappa | India News

BENGALURU: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has indicated that the Covid-19 vaccine is likely to be ready soon and has asked states to prepare for its rapid and effective distribution, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa said on Tuesday.
“He (PM) spoke about the (vaccine) and there are indications that it could be ready in about four weeks, we (the center) are preparing for it and we ask the states to also make all the necessary arrangements,” said Yediyurappa .
Speaking to reporters in Mysuru, he said it may take time, four or five weeks, but efforts are in that direction.
“We have been told to make the necessary arrangements for the storage and distribution of the vaccines once they are available,” he said, adding that the vaccine may take four, five or six weeks to arrive.

The prime minister has asked us to remain cautious regarding the spread of Covid, “he said.
Yediyurappa today attended the Prime Minister’s video conference with senior ministers from various states on the Covid-19 situation and the vaccine distribution plan, which was also attended by Interior Minister Amit Shah, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan and senior officials.
The meeting comes as the central government has been implementing measures for the rapid and effective distribution of the coronavirus vaccine when it becomes available.
Along with Yediyurappa, Interior Minister Bommai, Finance Minister R Ashoka, Social Welfare Minister B Sriramulu, Health Minister K Sudhakar, Chief Secretary TM Vijay Bhaskar and other senior officials were present at the meeting.
State Health Minister K Sudhakar said in a statement that, according to instructions from the union government, they are preparing for the distribution of vaccines in the state.
He said 29,451 vaccine distribution centers and more than 10,000 vaccinators have been identified.
There are about 2,855 cold chain centers in the state and cold storage facilities from the Veterinary Department and private hospitals will also be used, he added.

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