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Kangana Ranaut, a sister who was granted provisional protection by the court, will appear before the police on January 8


The Bombay High Court on Tuesday granted provisional protection against arrest to actor Kangana Ranaut and his sister Rangoli Chandel in a sedition case. The court was hearing the case against Ranaut and her sister after an FIR was filed against them.

However, the high court ordered them to appear before the Mumbai police on 8 January.

The FIR was searched on orders from a magistrate court in Mumbai Bandra ordering the police to carry out an investigation against Ranaut and her sister after a complaint was filed against them for allegedly “trying to create hatred and tension. community “through his posts on social media.

The complaint was filed by casting director Munawwar Ali. He said the sisters, through their posts on social media, have defamed the entire film industry.

The sisters had approached the high court to annul the FIR and the order of October 17 approved by the magistrate.

Ranaut and Chandel’s defender, Rizwan Siddiquee, assured the court that the sisters will appear before Bandra police in Mumbai on January 8 from 12 noon to 2 pm to record their statements.

The court also asked why charges of sedition were invoked in the case.

“Why is the sedition section invoked? Why do we treat the citizens of our country this way? “Judge SS Shinde said.

The higher court said it would consider this issue in depth at the next date. The court published the request for an additional hearing on January 11.

The case was heard by two judges from Justices Shinde and MS Karnik.

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