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Jailed Lalu Prasad trying to lure NDA MLAs by promising ministerial posts: Sushil Modi


Before the election of the chairman of the newly constituted 17th Bihar Assembly on Wednesday, former Senior Deputy Minister and BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi alleged on Tuesday that the jailed RJD head, Lalu Prasad Yadav, was trying to overthrow the government. of the NDA speaking with the MLA of the ruling coalition. the telephone to attract them by promising ministerial bunks.

The senior BJP leader also indicated the phone number from which the jailed RJD chief allegedly made calls, on his Twitter account.

In a tweet Tuesday night, Modi said: “Lalu Yadav makes phone calls (8051216302) from Ranchi to NDA MLAs and promising ministerial positions. When I called on the phone, Lalu answered directly. I said don’t do these dirty tricks from jail, you won’t be successful. ”The RJD chief is currently housed in the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences Superintendent’s bungalow, Ranchi, after conviction in forage scam cases.

The indictment came just one night before the crucial elections for the post of president in the state assembly tomorrow, when the NDA government led by Prime Minister Nitish Kumar will face the first test of strength to ensure the victory of the official coalition candidate for the highest office. . Vijay Kumar Sinha has faced the Grand Alliance candidate led by RJD Awadh Bihari Choudhary.

The RJD-led Grand Alliance has already upped the ante against the ruling NDA government since the November 10 election results of state assembly polls, which gave the ruling coalition a slim majority above half a 122. The GA, having won 110 seats, had alleged that it lost 20 seats due to the manipulation of the elections and claimed that the mandate of the people had not been fulfilled.

The new indictment by the BJP leader against the jailed RJD chief of trying to destabilize the state government is likely to intensify the dispute between the ruler and the opposition in the state in the coming days. Many also feel, indicates how the NDA that has the support of smaller allies such as Vikasheel Insaan Party (VIP) and Hindustani Awam Morcha –Secular (HAM) (S) is vulnerable to defections.

RJD spokesperson Mritunjay Tiwary said the allegations made by Modi were unfounded and an attempt to stay in the limelight of the BJP leader. “Modi suffers from a Lalu phobia. He is making all these accusations to stay in the spotlight after this time he was not granted the post of deputy CM. All these accusations of attracting NDA MLAs are baseless and fabricated, ”he said.

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