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In Message to Dissidents, Cong Says Older People Must Adhere to a “Basic Minimum of Discipline” | India News


NEW DELHI: Amid persistent criticism from senior leaders about drift in the party, with opposition leader in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad renewing the debate, Congress said Monday that older people should desist from airing opinions private in public and observe discipline, which is a must. for any organization to function consistently.
Faced with a flood of questions about Azad’s comments about the prevalence of a five-star culture in the party and the lack of genuine feedback from the Gandhi family, AICC spokesperson Pawan Khera said: “Discipline is an important ingredient in the functioning of any party or institution. There has to be a minimum of discipline. ”
With G23 members Azad and former Minister Kapil Sibal persisting with their criticism even after three panels that sought to accommodate some of the dissidents were announced, Congress avoided going into specific details of comments such as the “clean note for now” from Azad the Gandhis, which meant either the temporary and somewhat condescending exoneration of the “first family” from responsibility for poor performance, or their demand for internal elections for all positions. “I haven’t seen the interview,” Khera said.
Congressional and MLA leader Haryana Kuldeep Bishnoi accused Azad of plotting a conspiracy to divide the party at the behest of the BJP. He said Azad had no credibility in calling for elections for party positions, and said he has grown politically by being nominated for all positions, starting as president of the J&K Youth Congress.
“What’s your story? In his entire life, he has only won three polls. Are you giving advice to the Congress Party? Are you speaking out against the Gandhi family who nominated you for Rajya Sabha five times? ”Bishnoi said.
However, the party appeared embarrassed and also annoyed by the loud mockery of the senior leader who has held various organizational positions and has been a minister in congressional governments, as Khera blurted out some sarcasm in his request for discipline.
“These are high-level leaders who are nominated members of the CWC and have enjoyed nominated positions in the party and government. We have learned good discipline lessons from them, ”he said. The underlining of “nominated” posts is charged when dissidents like Azad have pointed to the “nomination” of officials as the reason behind the party’s weakening and demanded that elections be held for all posts.
At the same time, AICC said that these leaders must also give their opinion on the elections to the Youth Congress. It seemed an attempt to point out the contradiction in the “G-23” demand as Rahul Gandhi’s experiment of internal polls in the Youth Congress and NSUI has been criticized by them.
Khera said that he had not encountered any five-star culture in the recent upheavals Congress held to “ensure justice for the Hathras Dalit family or for farmers against draconian laws.”

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