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In-laws burn Hyderabad technician on suspicion of ‘black magic’


A 38-year-old software engineer who traveled from Hyderabad to Balwanthapur, some 180 km from the capital of Telangana, to visit the widow of his wife’s recently deceased brother, was tied to a chair and burned to death, presumably under the suspected that he had used black magic to kill the brother.

The police believe that more than one person may have been responsible for the murder and the needle of suspicion is in the brother’s family and relatives.

The incident occurred in a house within the Manjunatha temple premises located on the outskirts of the village of Balwanthapur in the Malyala block. The deceased was identified as Pagilla Pavan Kumar, a resident of Alwal on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Kumar worked for a Bengaluru-based software company, but had been staying in his hometown, Hyderabad, for some time.

According to the police, Kumar, along with his wife Krishnaveni, came to Balwanthapur to visit the family of his brother-in-law Jagan (38) who died of a heart attack 12 days ago. The couple paid floral tributes to Jagan’s portrait and comforted his wife Sumalatha.

“Around 7.30pm, we got a call from local people saying that a person was on fire in a locked room from outside and was screaming for help. We ran to the place and broke the room door. We found Kumar tied to a chair and completely burned. He died instantly, ”Mallyal Police Deputy Inspector Nagaraju told the Hindustan Times.

Krishnaveni complained to the police that Sumalatha sent her to fetch a bottle of water. “When I returned, my husband was locked inside the room and was screaming as they burned him alive.”

Nagaraju said it was a clear murder case, as Kumar was tied to a chair, doused with gasoline and burned to death. “Also, the room was locked from the outside. So we booked a case under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code and we are investigating.

“We are questioning all the suspects and will soon solve the case,” he added. No arrests had been made as of Tuesday night.

Krishnaveni told the police that there were some differences between her brother and her husband and that Sumalatha suspected that Kumar may have performed black magic, resulting in the death of Jagan.

Hindustan Times