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‘I didn’t know he had a talent for jyotishi too’: Sharad Pawar investigates Union minister who had predicted collapse of Maharashtra government | India News


NEW DELHI: On Tuesday, CPN Chief Sharad Pawar criticized Union Minister Raosaheb Patil Danve, calling him ‘jyotishi’.
Danve had stated on Monday that the BJP will form a government in Maharashtra in the next two to three months.
Reacting to his comments, Sharad Pawar said: “Raosaheb Patil Danve has been a deputy and politician for years, but I did not know this quality of his. In politics, he was never known as a ‘jyotishi’, but now I know that he also has this talent “.
Speaking at an election rally in Aurangabad’s Parbhani district, Danve said Monday that there is discord among the three ruling alliance partners in Maharashtra.
“The MVA (Maha Vikas Aghadi) government is scheduled to collapse in the next few months … BJP workers should not think that our government will not come to Maharashtra. We will form a government in the next two or three months. We have worked the mathematics. We are waiting for the current elections to end ”, he had said.
The BJP and the Shiv Sena had contested the assembly elections in Maharashtra together. However, the two sides parted ways after differences over the post of prime minister. Shiv Sena then joined the NCP and Congress to form the Maha Vikas Aghadi government (MVA) in the state.

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