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Covid Vaccine Must Meet All Scientific Criteria, Says Prime Minister Narendra Modi


With three manufacturers claiming to be successful in mass testing their candidate vaccines, raising hope that the world is closer to finding protection against Covid-19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Tuesday that his government’s priority it would be to ensure that a vaccine reaches everyone after it is reunited. Scientific criteria.

Modi told chief ministers of state in a video link interaction to watch out for rumors about vaccines and said he can’t stop people from making politics about it.

Modi described people’s reaction to the pandemic, from outright fear to a false notion of safety, and emphasized the need for more reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) testing, better patient monitoring. with Covid-19, especially those in home isolation, better equipped health centers in rural areas and continuous awareness campaigns.

Modi also called on chief ministers to install cold rooms and other infrastructure for a smooth deployment of the vaccine when one is available, assuring them that states will join the vaccine delivery campaign, as will the Center and states. . they are fighting the pandemic together.

The Prime Minister said that the Center was closely monitoring vaccine developments and in contact with domestic and foreign manufacturers.

“The media can be abuzz with reports about vaccines. But we have to make sure that the vaccine for citizens meets all the necessary scientific criteria. Just as the focus in the fight against COVID has been to save each and every life, the priority will be to ensure that the vaccine reaches everyone, “said Modi.

Pfizer Inc., Moderna Inc. and Oxford-AstraZeneca Plc. They have stated the findings of their phase 3 trials this month, stating that their vaccine candidates had shown a high degree of efficacy. The vaccine expert panel led by VK Paul is closely monitoring developments and awaiting regulatory approval for the emergency use of these vaccines.

Speaking with chief ministers, Modi said that governments at all levels “will have to work together to ensure that the vaccination campaign is smooth, systematic and sustained,” adding that the priority list of recipients was decided in consultation with the states.

At the same time, Modi also emphasized the need for continuous measures such as social distancing and the use of masks, the expansion of the test and treatment network, and the need to create more oxygen plants. He said that the PM CARES Fund, which had previously financed the purchase of ventilators, would be used to make more oxygen supplies available.

Although the prime minister argued that India was in a better position than most other countries, he stressed the importance of understanding public behavior.

“The first stage of people’s response to Covid was fear, when people reacted in panic. The second stage saw doubts arise about the virus, when several people tried to hide that they had been affected by it. The third stage was acceptance, when people became more serious about the virus and showed greater alertness. In the fourth stage, with an increasing recovery rate, people have developed a false notion of security against the virus, which has led to an increase in cases of negligence, ”he said.

Union Interior Minister Amit Shah called on states to ensure that the death rate falls below 1% and also to control the increase in new cases. He told the CMs that containment zones must be dynamic. Shah said that the periphery of a containment zone should change from time to time depending on the prevalence of cases.

Modi said some people were making policy on the coronavirus vaccine and nothing could stop them, according to a person present at the meeting who requested anonymity. “It was just a passing comment, as the general atmosphere of the meeting was cooperation and not confrontation,” the person added.

The comments were widely interpreted as an indirect reference to former Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s tweet on Monday in which he posed a series of questions to the prime minister about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Gandhi asked: “The prime minister should tell the nation: 1. Of all the Covid vaccine candidates, which one will the GOI (Government of India) choose and why? 2. Who will get the vaccine first and what will be the distribution strategy? 3. Will PMCares funds be used to guarantee free vaccination? 4. When will all the indigenous people be vaccinated? ”.

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