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Coming soon Metro-type prepaid card for toll payment in NH | India News


NEW DELHI: The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) is poised to implement a Delhi Metro prepaid card for travelers to minimize cash transactions at toll plazas. Each of these cards would cost around 50 rupees and can only be used in “hybrid” lanes where payments are made in cash or electronically.
Currently, travelers can pay cash only at a fare collection booth on each side of a toll plaza. All other lanes are dedicated exclusively to vehicles with FASTags.
According to NHAI, currently around 70% of toll payment transactions are made through FASTags. “There is a pressing need to reduce cash transactions, which take longer and cause long lines at toll plazas,” said an NHAI official. Long lines in “hybrid” lanes often cause drivers to enter FASTag lanes even when the vehicles do not have the smart tag and this causes congestion in these dedicated lanes.
A pilot study conducted by NHAI in 2018 had shown that each touch card transaction takes around 28 seconds and a transaction through FASTag takes between 16 and 18 seconds. Cash transactions take longer.
The official said “closed circuit prepaid cards” will be available on all “hybrid” lanes at toll plazas so that travelers can get them quickly. NHAI’s toll management wing, IHMCL, has invited tenders to implement this system. Sources said the authority is willing to start it soon to address congestion in squares and plug the revenue leakage.
According to the bidding document, the successful bidder must establish at least two dedicated manpower at the point of sale (PoS) in three shifts for the issuance of cards, recharge, recharge facility and cash management in each toll plaza of NH for the initial three months. In these initial months, the service provider will train, restrain and support the existing toll collectors on the hybrid lanes to make transactions more fluid.
The prepaid card system will be integrated with the toll management systems (TMS) to allow a toll operator to select the vehicle class so that the applicable toll rate can be deducted from the prepaid card by touching the PoS device. . “All transactions captured by the prepaid card system must match the data captured by the TMS,” says the bidding document.
An expert in toll collection technology said the government should opt to use the Common National Mobility Card (NCMC) for this purpose. “It is our own indigenous product and efforts must be made so that no part of the income from this leaves the country. The NCMC card also functions as a touch device and an effort is being made to expand its use in all modes of transportation, ”he said.

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