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Astronauts will enter the last stage of Russia’s training | India News


BENGALURU: The four elected Indian astronauts, who began their course in Moscow on February 10 this year, are ready to enter the final stage of Russian training. Glavkosmos, who has a contract with Isro’s Human Spaceflight Center (HSFC), confirmed to TOI that the four men shortlisted to go into space as part of India’s Gaganyaan program are scheduled to return in late March 2021.
The Indians are conducting the general space training program at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) and are also studying the systems of the manned Soyuz MS spacecraft.
Dmitry Loskutov, Glavkosmos CEO, told TOI on Monday: “By the end of November, they should pass the tests in the GCTC centrifuge and hyperbaric chamber module. Indian astronauts are underway as scheduled and will be completed by the end of November. . the first quarter of 2021 “.
HSFC and Glavkosmos signed the contract in June 2019 and the elected Indian astronauts, all of them test pilots from the Indian Air Force (IAF), departed for Russia this year alone.
Glavkosmos had previously said that the training program would be complex and that all its elements are critically important, because only the combination of all aspects can prepare a person for space flight.
Loskutov said: “So far, Indian astronauts have completed training on crew actions in case abnormal descent module lands in forest and swampy areas in winter (February 2020), on the water surface ( June 2020), in the steppe in summer (July 2020) “.
He added that they have also successfully completed training in short-term weightlessness mode aboard the Il-76MDK laboratory aircraft (June 2020). They were also trained to board a helicopter while evacuating from the landing module landing point (July 2020).
“The study of the Russian language, the configuration, structure and systems of the Soyuz manned spacecraft, as well as medical and physical training are regular courses of their training, and Indian astronauts are currently continuing the study,” he said.
As TOI reported earlier this month, upon their return from Russia, the four men will have a rigorous schedule and are likely to train in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune.
While the IAF Institute of Aerospace Medicine (IAM) in Bengaluru will provide some training, the Indian Army’s Army Sports Institute (ASI) in Pune and the Navy’s Institute of Naval Medicine (INM) are also expected. from Mumbai are tied up.
Isro president K Sivan had said: “The training in Russia is generic and they (the elected astronauts) will receive specific training from Gaganyaan upon their return. They will have to undergo medical training, psychological training, advanced training and simulation training. Flight … The Army and Navy will assist in survival training. ”

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