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Active Covid Cases in India Rise Again | India News


Active Covid cases in India spiked again on Tuesday, the third increase in the past four days, as new infections recorded in the country outnumbered recoveries by more than 5,500.
This was the largest single-day increase in active cases since October 1, a sign that the pandemic could be on the rise again in the country. Active cases had been declining since October 1 as Covid-19 cases steadily declined. The downtrend was first broken on November 14 and then again last Saturday.
India’s active case count is currently 4,47,391 (the actual number is slightly lower due to migrations, etc.). The country registered 44,188 new cases on Tuesday, bringing the total number of cases to 92,22,665, according to TOI data collected from state governments. However, the death toll remained below 500 for the second day in a row, with 478 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours. Recoveries stood at more than 86.40,000, which represents 93.7% of all cases.
Delhi continued to lead the daily count of cases and deaths in the country. It reported 6,224 new cases and 109 deaths. This was the ninth consecutive day that Delhi’s new case count was the highest in India, and the fourth consecutive day that the capital recorded the highest death toll from the virus. However, new cases in the capital had shown a slight decline last week compared to the previous week.
Rajasthan reported 3,314 new infections on Tuesday, the state’s highest single-day count so far. Rajasthan’s previous highest daily count was 3,260, recorded just two days ago, an indication of the increase in the number in the state in recent days. Eight districts in the state are contributing primarily to the daily count. Among them, Jaipur is the most affected. It reported its biggest jump in a single day of 656 cases on Tuesday.
In Maharashtra, with the test numbers increasing on Tuesday, the number of detected Covid-19 cases also increased. In total, 5,439 new cases were found, bringing the count to 17,89,800. Mumbai also saw a fluctuation with 939 cases coming to light, a marginal increase from the 800 diagnosed on Monday. Previous

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