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With Covid-19 protocols in place, tour operators prepare to receive tourists in Kashmir | India News


SRINAGAR: In an attempt to revive the tourism industry in the valley, tour operators here in Jammu and Kashmir are preparing for the upcoming winter season amid the Covid-19 outbreak.
As coronavirus cases are slowly declining in the Union Territory, tour operators expect tourism activities to improve in Kashmir.
“We all know how global trade has suffered from Covid-19. As things improve, we expect tourism to recover. The tourism industry appears to be returning to normal in the past two months,” Showkat said. a tour operator.
Emphasizing the need to revive the tourism industry, Showkat said they want the situation to go from “a new normal to a good normal.” “We are working with the Department of Tourism and we will promote tourism by participating in roadshows and fairs.”
Nisar Ahmad, Director of Tourism, spoke about the preparation of the tour operators and said that they want to convey a message that Kashmir is well prepared to receive tourists with all established health protocols.
“We are holding meetings with all the major tour operators and travel managers. In particular, in this upcoming winter season, we want to invite people from all over the country to Jammu and Kashmir,” said Ahmad.
Meanwhile, Nasir Shah, president of Kashmir’s pilgrimage and leisure tour operators, said the people of the valley are eager to resume tourism activity, particularly in places like Gulmarg.
Recently, Maharashtra tour and travel operators had started a ‘Tourism Campaign to Unblock Kashmir’ with the support of the Jammu and Kashmir Department of Tourism.
Around 70 tour operators and some Mumbai writers and journalists had visited Kashmir in this regard.
“This delegation of tourists from Maharashtra will become our ambassadors informing their friends and neighbors about the unique beauty and charm of Kashmir. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for promotion and we are trying to reap the benefits of it. for the well-being of Kashmir. tourism, “Ahmad had said.
According to the Union Health Ministry, there are 5,700 active cases in Jammu and Kashmir.

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