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UP generates record revenue of Rs 137cr from disinfectant production


Turning a crisis into an opportunity, Uttar Pradesh saw record disinfectant production during and after the Covid-induced shutdown and generated record revenue in the process, authorities said.

According to statistics released by the excise department, PU’s distilleries and small units not only produced a record 177 lakh per liter of disinfectant from March 24 to November 15, but also generated a record income of 137 million rupees.

“While this includes GST revenue of Rs 12,848 lakh, the license fee added Rs 794.28 lakh. In addition, the revenue from the denaturing fees was Rs 21.18 lakh, ”said Sanjay R Bhoosreddy, Additional Chief Secretary for Excise. “While more than 78.38 lakh of a liter of disinfectant was sold outside of UP, 87.01 lakh of liter was consumed in the state,” he added.

“Disinfectant production was completed quickly and the product was also quickly available in markets,” Bhoosreddy said. Officials said that from producing very little to exporting disinfectant to other states, UP quickly reviewed its entire policy regarding the manufacture and sale of disinfectants.

Shortly after the shutdown began, the state’s department of drug management and food safety relaxed standards for the manufacture and availability of sanitizers, allowing general stores to sell them as well.

Previously, only medical centers with drug licenses were allowed to sell disinfectants. Not only that, excise department officials also ensured that the price of the disinfectant was kept under control.

“We decided that it shouldn’t have been more than Rs 100 per 200ml pack. All credit to Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath for monitoring the situation and the availability of the disinfectant. He also asked us to make sure the common man was not plucked, ”Bhoosreddy said, adding that the excise department had urged people to ask for receipts while buying disinfectant so that overpricing cases could be verified and the culprits punished. .

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