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Travel company sells ‘vaccine tourism’ | India News

MUMBAI: Calling it their attempt to develop “vaccine tourism”, a Mumbai-based travel company has offered to take those who want a dose to the United States for a four-day stay at a cost of Rs 1.75 lakh.
“Be one of the first to get the Corona vaccine,” read the teaser message, which has been circulating on WhtasApp this week. “As soon as the Pfizer vaccine is officially released for sale in the United States (tentative date December 11), we will be ready to finish with a few select VVIP customers,” he says. The cost will include roundtrip airfare from Mumbai to New York, stay of three nights and four days with breakfast and a dose of vaccine. The contact number listed in the message was busy for most of Monday. TOI received a text message from the travel company, posting disclaimers.
“We’re developing vaccine tourism,” the message read, then listed how the US could offer access to it, such as starting with healthcare workers, those with lifestyle conditions, those older than 65 years, etc. and eventually it would be commercially available in hospitals.
“We do not have or purchase any vaccine. Anything we fix will be within the laws of the US We will only process your requirements. At this time, no time frame can be compromised. Now we do not charge advances or deposits. We only need your registration with us with your name, email, cell phone, age, any physical complications and a copy of the passport. Rest everything will be done according to the official permits of the health department there. Unless they announce official sales to non-US citizens, we cannot give them the vaccine, ”the message said.
TOI was unable to contact the tour company despite repeated attempts.

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