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Sanjay Raut from Sena to Fadnavis: Get PoK back before talking about Karachi | India News

MUMBAI: Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut said on Monday that Pakistani-occupied Kashmir (PoK) should be reclaimed before Karachi can be spoken of as part of India.
Raut was responding to comments from BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis, who said his party believes that Karachi will be part of India one day.
The remarks by Fadnavis, the former chief minister of Maharashtra, came days after a Shiv Sena worker asked the owners of the Karachi Sweets store in Mumbai to change the name and justified the lawsuit by calling Pakistan a country of terrorists.
Raut said then that the demand to change the name is not Shiv Sena’s official position.
Raut told reporters on Monday that the Shiv Sena will welcome Karachi as part of India, adding that India should win back PoK first.
When asked about the Sena worker’s demand to change the name of the Karachi candy store, Fadnavis said: “We are the people who believe in Akhand Bharat (Integrated India) and we believe that Karachi will also be part of India one day .
In a query about Fadnavis’ comments, Raut said his party would appreciate Karachi becoming part of India. “But first bring PoK to India, then we will go to Karachi,” added the deputy from the Seine.
Maharashtra Minister and NCP leader Nawab Malik said his party will appreciate if the BJP wants the merger of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to form one country.
“If the Berlin Wall can fall, why can’t these three countries merge? If the BJP wants to form a country by merging these three countries, then we will welcome it,” Malik told PTI by phone.

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