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Inmate Rajiv Gandhi Perarivalan Gets A Week Of Probation From SC For A Medical Checkup


On Monday, the Supreme Court granted a week’s probation to Rajiv Gandhi’s murder convict, AG Perarivalan, for a medical check-up.

The order was approved by a bench of three judges led by Judge LN Rao after Perarivalan’s lead attorney, Gopal Shankarnaraynan, noted that his probation ended today. The appointed court granted him probation in early November 9-23 for a medical check-up. But since he was not provided with a police escort, he was unable to do so. This was reported to the superior court, which ordered the state government to provide police escort and extended his probation for a week.

The order came in a petition filed by Perarivalan in which it had challenged the delay in its pending remission statement with the governor since 2015.

The Tamil Nadu government had previously informed the court that the governor had requested a report from the Union Ministry of the Interior to respond to the referral request, as CBI is conducting a multidisciplinary investigation into the broader conspiracy in relation to the murder of Rajiv Gandhi in September 1991.

The Court had asked CBI to respond to progress in its broader conspiracy investigation. The CBI filed an affidavit last week in court stating that the investigation had nothing to do with Perarivalan’s request for referral, as the scope of the investigation was against people other than those already convicted.

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