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Former Maharashtra energy minister burns ‘inflated’ energy bills


BJP leader and former Maharashtra energy minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule burned electricity bills here on Monday to protest against the state government for failing to provide relief to consumers who complained of inflated energy bills during the pandemic.

Earlier this month, the state’s Energy Minister Nitin Raut hinted at great relief for consumers facing the problem of inflated energy bills, saying that a Diwali gift was in the offing.

However, a few days ago, the minister said that the government will not be able to provide any relaxation on inflated electricity bills and consumers will have to make full payment of the bills.

As part of the BJP state protest against the government’s decision, Bawankule along with other party workers burned electricity bills on Monday near their residence in Mahadula in the Koradi area of ​​Nagpur.

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Bawankule demanded last week that those who consume up to 300 units of electricity a day must obtain an exemption from paying bills for the period from March to June.

He also said that people have lost their jobs (due to the shutdown) and several electricity consumers have received inflated bills. The government should correct these bills, it had demanded.

Raut said last week that the state government will not be able to provide any relaxation on electricity bills.

Energy companies were suffering huge losses and it was a “mess” inherited from the BJP government, he said.

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