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Dissent in Congress: From Adhir Chowdhury to Ghulam Nabi Azad, Who Said What


Following the Bihar elections, in which Congress presented candidates in 70 seats as part of Mahagathbandhan with the RJD and some left-wing parties and managed to win only 19, several congressional leaders have spoken of the need for reforms in the party. This has created a clear division within the party.

Here’s who said what:

Kapil sibal

The rumors within the party began with veteran leader Kapil Sibal calling for introspection within the party. In an interview, he advocated for a democratic process within the party. “There has been no dialogue and it seems that there is no dialogue effort on the part of the management. We have yet to hear about the recent polls … Perhaps the leadership of Congress thinks it should continue as usual, ”he said.

Karti chidambaram

Supporting Sibal’s call, Karti Chidambaram said: “It is time for us to do introspection, ideation, consultation and action.”

Ashok gehlot

“There was no need for Mr. Kapil Sibal to mention our internal problem in the media, this has hurt the feelings of party workers across the country. We have improved with each and every crisis and we also formed the UPA government in 2004 under the skillful leadership of Soniaji, we will also overcome this time. that is why we come out of it stronger and united after each crisis. Even today, Congress is the only party that can hold this nation together and move it forward on the path of comprehensive development, ”said Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

Salman khurshid

In a lengthy Facebook post, veteran leader Salman Khurshid questioned those who doubt the party today. “When we get it right, it is true that it is rarely taken for granted. But when we underperform, we don’t even get it wrong, they’re quick to bite their nails. From the looks of it, there would be few nails left for future disappointments. Is it really a case of bad workers fighting over their tools? If the mood of the electorate resists the liberal values ​​that we have upheld and cherished, we should be prepared for a long struggle rather than looking for shortcuts to return to power. If we are explicitly or implicitly willing to commit to our principles to regain power, we might as well pack our bags. Another issue is that the consolidation of our principled policy, like any cause, requires a periodic reassessment and a redrafting of the strategy and logistics, ”said Khurshid.

Mallikarjun kharge

“If we weaken the party and our leaders in that way, the party definitely cannot move forward, and ultimately if our ideology weakens, we will be destroyed. You will have to take this into account, ”Mallikarjun Kharge said.

Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury

Congressional leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said that speaking only out of introspection without doing anything will not help. “Kapil Sibal could have raised the issues within a party forum instead of making such embarrassing comments in public. Those who are unhappy with how the party works are free to form a new party or join one if they feel that Congress is not the right place for them. He seems to be very concerned about Congress and its need for introspection. He had also spoken about it in public before. But he was not seen campaigning for the party in elections in Bihar or other states that went to the polls last year. Instead of lecturing sitting in AC rooms, you should be working in the field. Lecturing others without doing anything will not help. Just asking for introspection without doing anything on our own is useless, ”he said.

Ghulam Nabi Azad

“The structure of our party has collapsed. We need to rebuild our structure and then if some leader is elected into that structure, it will work. But to say that simply by changing the leader, we will win Bihar, UP, Madhya Pradesh, etc. That’s wrong. That will happen once we change the system, ”Azad said.

The speech began with RJD leader Sivanand Tiwari raising questions about the role of Congress in the Bihar elections. “He contested 70 seats but did not hold 70 rallies. Rahul Gandhi visited Bihar for three days and addressed two demonstrations a day. Priyanka Gandhi was not seen at all. When the election campaign was in full swing, I was having a picnic with Priyanka Gandhi in Shimla, ”Tiwari had said.

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