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‘Damaged sections in NH reduced by more than 60% in 6 months’ | India News


NEW DELHI: The NHAI’s special focus on priority maintenance of national highways has reduced damaged sections by more than 60% in the past six months, a senior official said. Under the push to make the roads “unpatched,” the sections with potholes, alligator crevices and ruts were reduced to just 400 km in September.
Official data show that a delayed monsoon caused some damage to the roads and some 1,193 km of these types of sections currently require maintenance. The official said that when the program was launched in April, 3,145 km of the 35,000 km under NHAI were identified as needing maintenance.
“This is an ongoing process. Our top priority is to make sure the NHs that accompany us are in good condition. People want good roads for smooth travel. We may have bigger plans for highways or modern roads, but if we do not keep the existing roads in good condition so it is our failure. Timely maintenance is our focus and there will be no compromise, “NHAI President SS Sandhu told TOI.
The NHAI issued instructions in April to regional officials and project managers to perform maintenance after visual assessment via cameras and car-mounted drones. “In many cases, an impractical approach to meeting these requirements results in severe public criticism and leads to more costly interventions at a later stage,” said an official circular.
Officials said regional officials were allowed to spend up to Rs 10 million for a period after the bidding process. Concession agreements also give the NHAI sufficient power to undertake maintenance when a contractor or dealer fails to rectify defects.

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