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China’s geopolitical strategy cannot be countered by a PR-driven media strategy: Rahul Gandhi


Former Congress Speaker Rahul Gandhi attacked the government following reports of a new threat from China in Doklam.

“China’s geopolitical strategy cannot be countered by a PR-driven media strategy. This simple fact seems to elude the minds of those who run GOI [Government of India]”He tweeted.

Gandhi continues to attack the government over the border clash with China, despite rumors in Congress following the setback in the Bihar assembly elections and by-votes to 58 seats in 11 states.

Gandhi also tagged an NDTV report that suggested a new threat from China in Doklam by accessing new satellite images.

On Sunday, opposition leader in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad attacked his party for the “five-star culture.”

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“Elections are not won by embracing a five-star culture and party officials must be elected,” said Azad, one of 23 leaders who had signed a letter to congressional president Sonia Gandhi demanding major changes in the party’s functioning. .

He also said that the general impression is that there is no party president.

Senior leader Salman Khurshid, however, rejected any perception of a leadership crisis in Congress, saying that full support for Sonia and Rahul Gandhi is “evident to anyone who is not blind.”

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