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After the marathon operation, the Patripool rail on the ridge beam was launched in Kalyan


Main girder launch work for the new Patripool Rail over bridge (ROB) was completed Monday morning after the Central Rail (CR) facilitated a special mega-block to finish the remaining 10 percent of the work, said the authorities.

Even after the 14-hour mega-lock imposed on November 21-22, the beam launch work could be completed by as much as 90 percent only. However, the special rail megablock helped complete the launch of the 76.67 meter long open web beam for the ROB located on the Kalyan-Shilphata section.

Technical problems and an engine failure at Dadar station on Sunday morning had caused the delay and the launch of part of the 18-meter beam was pending.

“Since Sunday’s work started late, we couldn’t finish all the work. Due to the special megablock the remaining works were finished. The special block was allocated between 1.30 am and 3 am, ”said an official from the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC).

“During the block provided we were able to finish the major works and even after the block the work continued until 6 am,” added the officer.

Kalyan Deputy Shrikant Shinde, who was on site overnight, said: “Completing the launch of the beam was very important and the continuous efforts of workers and engineers helped to finish it. There were times when we thought the play would not end. However, the dedicated approach helped complete it. “

The 104-year-old Patripool Bridge was dismantled in November 2018, severely affecting traffic movement in the city. Commuters have been demanding a new bridge as they had to face hour-long traffic jams on the existing parallel bridge.

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