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Prime Minister Modi to lay foundations for water projects


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will digitally lay the cornerstones of Rs 5,555 million rural potable water supply projects in Mirzapur and Sonbhadra districts of Uttar Pradesh on Sunday.

Upon completion in two years, the two projects will provide piped water to more than 42 lakh people in 2,995 villages in the two districts of the Vindhyachal region which, together with Bundelkhand, is among the most water-scarce areas from India.

After inaugurating the projects via video conference, Prime Minister Modi will also interact with members of the water and sanitation committee from various villages in the two districts, the Uttar Pradesh government said in a statement on Saturday.

In all the project beneficiary villages, the government of Uttar Pradesh had previously formed water and sanitation committees whose members will take responsibility for operating and maintaining water supply lines and systems.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will also be present on the occasion, the government statement added.

The Uttar Pradesh government said that once the project goes live, villagers in the Vindhya region will not have to fight for clean water and rural women will be spared their arduous tasks of fetching water from miles away.

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