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PM Modi will probably hold virtual meetings with the states on the situation of Covid, vaccine distribution plan | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to hold virtual meetings with senior ministers and other representatives of the union’s states and territories on Tuesday to review the COVID-19 situation and discuss the vaccine distribution strategy.
Modi is expected to hold two back-to-back meetings, one with eight states with a large number of cases and another with states and UT to discuss the vaccine distribution strategy, the sources said.
The prime minister, so far, has held several virtual meetings with states on the coronavirus situation.
While the national daily’s COVID-19 case count has hovered below 50,000 for some time, several urban centers have witnessed an increase, resulting in the implementation of various measures, including curfews. in some cities.
The central government has also been implementing measures for the rapid and effective distribution of the coronavirus vaccine when it becomes available.
Five vaccine candidates are in advanced stages of development in India, of which four are in phase II / III and one in phase I / II trials.

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