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NHAI scraps paper communication and goes digital | India News


NEW DELHI: The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has gone digital for all its official communications with contractors, consultants and officials. Now all interested parties must upload all that communication on the web link created by the Authority.
NHAI President SS Sandhu told TOI that now all official documents and communications are available online for contractors / grantees, consultants and also NHAI officials. “It is not about anything being lost. This will help improve our functioning and make us more efficient in dealing with problems. Sitting here I can access any file and monitor the progress and actions taken, ”he said.
In the past, there have been several instances where contractors or concessionaires have produced documents issued by field officials, which could not be traced back to the NHAI files. Officials admitted that this often prompted dealers and contractors to file claims or initiate disputes.
“This was one of the reasons this project (Data Lake) was conceived. This will put an end to various bad practices, as none can make changes to uploaded communications. Only officials responsible for particular projects and high-level officials can access the details. This will hold officials accountable and contractors or concessionaires cannot dispute what is in the online system, ”said one official. He added that seniors in the hierarchy can quickly identify which official is withholding decisions.
In this system, all project documents and correspondence are stored digitally in the cloud-based ‘Data Lake’ linked with GIS tagging and unique project identification. All NHAI contractors, licensees, consultants, authority engineers, independent engineers and project managers and regional officials have started using it.

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