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Modi launches Rs 5.5k-crore water supply scheme in UP


Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Rs 5,555 crore Har ghar nal yojana (running water in all household initiatives) for Sonbhadra and Mirzapur in the Vindhya region of Uttar Pradesh via video conference on Sunday.

The plan aims to provide running water to more than 4.1 million people in the two districts. The prime minister said that supplying running water to some 3,000 villages will transform the lives of local residents.

The prime minister also praised Senior Minister Yogi Adityanath and his team for staying on the path of economic development despite the challenges posed by the global coronavirus pandemic.

“Before, people used to have a perception about UP. But the way UP has launched one development project after another is completely changing the image of Uttar Pradesh, the state government and its employees, ”he said.

While tackling the Covid-19 challenge, the state government had taken care of migrant workers returning to Uttar Pradesh from cities and made arrangements for their employment, he said. The UP government did not allow the Covid-19 pandemic to slow the pace of development, he observed.

The prime minister also praised the state government for successfully handling an outbreak of Japanese encephalitis, a viral disease, in eastern Uttar Pradesh.

“How the number of Japanese encephalitis cases decreased in Uttar Pradesh due to the efforts of the state government headed by Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath is widely discussed. Even the experts talk about it, “he said, adding that all Uttar Pradesh residents” would have been giving their blessings to Yogiji and his team for saving the lives of innocent children. ”

The prime minister made a veiled complaint about previous governments ignoring villages and tribal areas. He said that villages, villagers, tribes and tribal areas were not given as much priority as their government was giving them to develop city-like facilities, including liquefied petroleum gas (LPG connections), there.

“Despite having many natural resources and enjoying the blessings of rivers like Son, Belan, Karmanash, Van Ganga, Kshipra, the Vindhya region faced neglect for decades since independence … the region was identified by drought. Be it the Vindhya region in Bundelkhand, the entire region became a region of scarcity and scarcity. As a result, several people had to emigrate from here, ”said PM.

“But over the past few years, the government made continuous efforts to ensure clean drinking water in all houses and to develop irrigation facilities in the region. As a result, last year, a large water project was started in the Budelkhand region and today, the Rs 5,555 million plan was launched in the Vindhya region to ensure the supply of clean water through pipelines to all the houses, ”he added.

He said the provision of running water would facilitate “the lives of our mothers and sisters in the villages.” It would also reduce the incidence of many diseases such as cholera, typhoid and encephalitis caused by dirty water, he added.

The prime minister said that 1,250 van dhan kendras (forest wealth centers) had been established in tribal areas, adding that a district mineral fund had been created for the development of tribal areas.

The idea was that a large portion of the funds generated in tribal areas would be spent on their development, he said.

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