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It is up to the head of TN to respond to the call to release the convict of the Rajiv case, CBI tells SC | India News


It is up to the head of TN to respond to the call to release the convict of the Rajiv case, CBI tells SC | India News

Perarivalan (center) in a file photo

NEW DELHI: The IWC has informed the Supreme Court that the decision on the release of Perarivalan, a life sentence in the case of the murder of Rajiv Gandhi, rests directly with the government of Tamil Nadu, but refuted the conviction’s claim of that he was unaware of the purpose for which the conspirators forced him to buy batteries used to detonate explosives by the human bomb in 1991.
“The petitioner’s claim that he is innocent and had no knowledge of the conspiracy to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi is neither acceptable nor tenable,” the CBI said in an affidavit before the Supreme Court.
Perarivalan’s mother had attached a statement from a former IPS officer who had recorded the convict’s confession and later stated that the accused was unaware of the conspiracy to use the batteries to detonation the explosives to kill Rajiv Gandhi at an electoral rally in May 1991. The CBI said that the statement of the former IPS officer had been considered and rejected by the SC before.
The appointed TADA court had awarded the death penalty to the 26 defendants after convicting them in 1998. The CS in 1999 had upheld the death sentence of Nalini, Sriharan alias Murugan, Santhan alias Suthenthiraja and Arivu alias Perarivalan. However, taking into account the lengthy processing of his pleas for clemency by the president, the SC commuted his death sentences to life imprisonment in 2014.
In September 2018, the TN government recommended to the governor that he release those sentenced for life, including Perarivalan, which is still pending consideration. “The relief requested by petitioner Perarivalan is a problem between him and the TN governor’s office,” CBI told the SC. “It is up to the governor to respond to a call on the issue of whether the referral will be granted,” the CBI said.
On the work of the Multidisciplinary Monitoring Agency (MDMA), established on the recommendations of the Jain Commission of Inquiry to investigate the largest conspiracy behind the murder of the former prime minister and track and trace the defendants who escaped, CBI He said: “MDMA is the conduct of new investigations and the progress report is submitted to the appointed court in Chennai. More investigations have been submitted spread over different countries and the status of them has already been submitted to the appointed court.”
“Perarivalan is not the subject of further investigation by MDMA,” admitted CBI.


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