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Congress is not an effective opposition now: Sibal | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressman and member of the G23 group of dissidents, Kapil Sibal, said that the party had ceased to be an effective opposition party, with no effort being made to strengthen the organization.
In a television interview, he said that Congress was without a party chairman for more than a year and a half since Rahul Gandhi announced that he was not interested in being the head of the party. “How can a party function without a leader for a year and a half? The workers in Congress don’t know where to go,” he said.
Sibal said recent polls had shown that in addition to states like UP, where Congress was not a factor, even in Gujarat and MP, where it was in a direct battle with the BJP, the results were surprisingly bad.
“We lost all eight seats in Gujarat. 65% of the votes went to the BJP, although these were seats vacated by defectors from Congress. In MP, all 28 seats were vacated due to defectors from Congress, but Congress won. only eight seats, “he said, adding:” Where there is a one-on-one battle with BJP, we are not an effective alternative. There must be something wrong. We must do something about it, “he said.
The majority attorney regretted raising the issue at a meeting of the parliamentary group in July and then 23 party leaders wrote a letter to the president of Congress in August, but “there was no discussion, no one comes close to us.”

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