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Chidambaram expresses dismay at Kerala law seeking to punish offensive posts on social media | India News


NEW DELHI: Former Union Minister P Chidambaram spoke out on Sunday in shock at the signing of the Kerala Police Law amendment ordinance, which the congressional-led opposition says aims to muzzle the media.
“Shocked by the law enacted by the Kerala Democratic Left Front (LDF) government that makes a supposedly ‘offensive’ post on social media punishable by 5 years in prison,” Chidambaram tweeted.

This comes after Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan signed the Kerala Police Law amending ordinance on Saturday to curb the growing social media attacks against women and children.
Under the latest ordinance, posting, posting or circulating defamatory content on social media can lead to up to five years in jail and a fine of up to Rs 10,000.
The top congressional leader also expressed shock at the state government’s decision to give the Watchdog go-ahead to launch an investigation against congressional leaders, including Ramesh Chennithala.
Reacting to the state government’s decision, Chidambaram said: “Also shocked by the attempt to implicate Mr. Ramesh Chennithala, LOP, in a case in which the investigating agency had filed a closure report four times. How did he Will my friend @SitaramYechury, GS, CPM, defend these heinous decisions? ”
This investigation into the leaders of Congress was initiated following a complaint by the hotelier Biju Ramesh.

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