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At MP’s cabinet meeting on cows, a number of key decisions


Using cow manure cakes to feed kitchens and replace chemical fertilizers; cow urine as a treatment and medicine for pest control; cow’s milk to improve the health of malnourished children; and the opening of 4,000 livestock shelters to be run by self-help groups to generate income. And probably a vacancy to fund the plans.

The decisions were made at the first Madhya Pradesh cabinet meeting on the cow held on Saturday by video link which decided to label the cow a “holy mother” with the potential to solve the problems faced by women, children, farmers and the environment, authorities said. on Sunday.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Interior Minister Narottam Mishra, Forestry Minister Vijay Shah, Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel, Rural Development Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia and Animal Husbandry Minister Prem Singh Patel participated in the meeting that decided to launch an awareness campaign to educate people about the many beneficial properties of the cow and its derivatives.

“The conservation of the cow is important for the conservation of the environment. Cow’s milk will be used to improve the health of malnourished children. Cow manure will be used as a replacement for wood and chemical fertilizers to save the environment. Cow urine will be used as medicine and pest control, ”said Chauhan.

“The 4,000 shelters for cows will be opened in the state where production units will be installed for the production of cow manure cakes, organic fertilizer, pesticides and powdered milk in a public-private partnership (PPP) mode. Self-help groups will manage the cow shelters. The government’s approach is to make people, especially women, self-sufficient through the cow shelters, ”said a senior official who attended the meeting, requesting anonymity.

Madhya Pradesh already has 1,300 cow shelters for 180,000 cows.

The CM also announced that its government would develop India’s first cow sanctuary in Agar Malwa district as a cow research institute. After the cabinet meeting, Chouhan visited the cow shrine and offered a prayer on the occasion of Gopashtami.

Animal husbandry department Prem Singh Patel said that the meeting also discussed imposing a tax on cows, but that a final decision will be made at a later date. In November 2019, the then state government led by Congress also decided to impose a tax on cows due to a shortage of funds.

Congressional spokesman JP Dhanopia said: “The decisions of the state government led by the BJP are a duplication of the plans proposed by the previous state government led by Congress.”

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