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Punjab Ready to Help Delhi Government Fight Covid-19 Crisis: Amarinder Singh


Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said on Saturday that Punjab was ready to provide all possible assistance to the Delhi government to combat the Covid-19 threat.

“Delhi is fighting a tough battle and we are there to help if necessary. I’ve said it before, too, ”he said.

Singh praised Punjab frontline and healthcare workers for their “excellent” work in handling the pandemic in the state. He said his government was fully prepared to increase healthcare facilities to prepare for a possible second wave of the pandemic.

Singh said that while no one knew when the second wave of infection would arrive in Punjab, the experience of the NCR and other states and regions showed that it was almost certain.

The prime minister expressed confidence that the health department will once again rise to the occasion to meet any challenge, according to a government statement issued here.

It was the duty of the state government to support healthcare workers and other front-line workers, many of whom have become infected and some have even lost their lives to Covid-19, Singh said.

He also called on people to actively help the state in the fight against the pandemic by strictly following all safety regulations.

“Mask hi vaccine hai” (the mask is the vaccine), as a solution for the next few months until a vaccine against the infection is finally available, Singh said.

The prime minister also launched 107 health and wellness centers to boost the health care infrastructure in the state and provide health services to patients at its doorstep, in both rural and urban areas.

He said these new centers would bring the state’s health infrastructure to a new level of effectiveness amid the pandemic.

Of the 3,049 planned centers in the state, 2,046 were already operational and 800 more would be operational in the next two months, with the rest set to open in 2021, Singh said.

He said the state government focused on strengthening health care facilities, especially levels two and three, with the goal of saving lives through early testing and treatment.

Urging people to avoid crowded places and not have large gatherings and social functions indoors, he emphasized the need to observe all precautions, especially washing hands and wearing face masks.

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